Star Global Health.

Our knowledge provides you with the best

U.S. medical care at the lowest cost.




Full Service, Best Value. International governments, embassies and large foreign agencies around the world often are responsible for overseeing the medical care of certain groups of their citizens. That’s where we step forward with a better solution.


We use our extensive healthcare experience, relationships and knowledge to accomplish three things on behalf of each individual seeking care:


  1. Medical care: Identify and coordinate care with the U.S. medical experts who have the best overall track record to provide care for each needed procedure. This usually means seeking a second and third opinion and deeply researching each specialist’s experience and quality rating. We can work with anyone in the United States, including Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins, diligently working to match the patient with the medical expert who has the best outcome.
  2. Concierge services: Coordinate all related arrangements related to travel, housing, visas, scheduling, family needs, billing and other needs.
  3. Financial control: Provide clients complete information and transparency about all costs each step of the way so they are in charge and there are no surprises at any point.


The Star Global Health team makes it easy for the patients and the payors. Each patient receives the highest quality medical care in a manner that caters to their personalized needs. The payors are provided detailed reports about recommended providers and all billing and payment information, ensuring complete control of how their money is spent.


For the thousands of people who travel to the United States each year to use the services of respected doctors, hospitals, laboratories and other medical services, our personal services provide a single point of contact for accessing cost-effective care.


From start to finish, we coordinate every step of each patient’s visit. Our concierge services for each individual patient includes:



  • Understand each individual’s precise needs related to medical care, travel and transportation, housing and other components that will assure a comfortable trip
  • Identify two to three centers of excellence for the required medical care and arrange for second and/or third opinions to ensure they are in the best possible medical facilities
  • Make all arrangements and coordinate care each step of the way
  • Coordinate scheduling and visa arrangements with medical institutions



  • Organize, direct and monitor the visit from entry to departure
  • Negotiate and coordinate all estimates, billing and payment with the medical institutions and provide the payor with detailed reports
  • Arrange for 24-hour emergency on-call services as needed, including jet or helicopter medical transport
  • Coordinate hospital, physician and diagnostic appointments and procedures
  • Assist with travel arrangements, including scheduling of transportation to and from the airport, and accommodations at nearby discounted hotels
  • Consult with home country medical experts as desired, using technology such as telemedicine and video conferencing
  • Provide 24-hour interpretation services
  • Arrange for baseline executive physicals


When you work with Star Global Health to arrange medical care, each patient is paired with a member of our team who is a dedicated expert in addressing their personal needs. We are committed to offering an individualized approach that serves the unique needs of our international patients — before, during and after their visit.