The principals of Star have founded and built successful health plans and health care organizations, so they understand both the big picture and the smaller details. Just as important, everyone at Star recognizes the need to provide more value while reducing costs.

Community Health Plans Are Our Sweet Spot. On the printed page, Star health partners consists of three separate companies — Star Technology Management, Star Health Management and Star Capital Partners. In real life, we are a committed group of hard-working high achievers who make life easier for our clients so they can move forward and evolve.

Most often we work closely with management teams of community health plans who want to compete more aggressively in their marketplace or need a laser focus on a specific area. No matter where they are are on the continuum of health care reform — we can become an extension of the staff, providing new ideas, resources and talent so opportunities aren’t missed.






The team at Star Health Partners came together one by one. One of us needed a highly experienced product development specialist. Another sought recommendations for the best third party administration services. Still another needed someone who knew Medicare and Medicaid regulations inside out.

One by one, a collection of colleagues who genuinely respect one another formed the Star affiliation. Several have worked together for many years and have an internal shorthand. This is particularly good for our clients because we provide trusted solutions…quickly.

As successful executives and entrepreneurs, we have a proven track record in Medicaid start-ups, Medicare Advantage and commercial health plans. In the first Medicaid managed care wave of the 1990s, we successfully created equity partnerships and joint ventures with existing safety-net institutions such as The University of Chicago Hospitals and Health Systems and St. Louis Regional Medical Center. Each operation delivered innovated care solutions and social services above and beyond requirements. Customer satisfaction ratings and quality of care evaluations were rated the best in each market.




As we delivered this health coverage, we spent more time with members and witnessed what many safety net organizations see every day. The mission is much more than just good health care. A health plan can help young people and children get out of poverty.

We expanded programs to partner with local social service organizations and began to accept their mission as ours.  We saw the advantage of hiring and training a portion of our members to work in our plans. We focused on after school programs that provided mentoring and tutoring as well as part-time employment for teenagers.

In other words, we saw the light. We understand the dedicated efforts that are carried out during good and bad times by traditional safety net organizations. We understand what makes their mission so important.

Along the way, we have evolved to bring a broad array of services that can take these health care organizations to the next level.  We support existing and start-up organizations’ expansion into Medicare by providing expertise in policies, procedures, administrative services for claims processing, applications processing, staff training, marketing and communications, risk management, capital and financing, customer service, utilization management, EOBs…and other services.

You have worked diligently to help those with the most need and we are ready to help.