Star Capital Partners.

We’ll help you obtain the best financing solution to grow and prosper.



We Bring Experience. Star Capital Partners is a strategic capital formation company that specializes in the healthcare sector and brings experience in both the private equity markets as well as the not-for-profit market. Star Capital Partners meet the financing needs (up to $50 million) of healthcare companies by using a very selective network of high net worth individuals, commercial investment firms and large venture capital organizations.


Taking into account the Affordable Care Act’s emphasis on starting non-profit entities, Star Capital brings a unique perspective by financing subvention loan programs while providing other services.  This can include financing to meet statutory reserves and working capital reserves as the organization seeks to grow their existing membership.  It also can include recruiting additional partners and fundraising from foundations with similar goals or from other organizations that want to improve their tax status.


Whatever your situation, we can help find a solution to get the financing you need to grow and prosper.