The principals of Star have founded and built successful health plans and health care organizations, so they understand both the big picture and the smaller details. Just as important, everyone at Star recognizes the need to provide more value while reducing costs.

Helping Companies Grow Is Our Sweet Spot. On the printed page, Star health partners consist of three separate companies — Star Technology Management, Star Health Management and Star Capital Partners. In real life, we are a committed group of hard-working high achievers who make life easier for our clients so they can successfully move forward.

Most often we work closely with management teams who want to compete more aggressively in their marketplace or need a laser focus on a specific area. No matter where they are in the health care arena— we can become an extension of the staff, providing new ideas, resources and talent so opportunities aren’t missed.






The team at Star Health Partners came together one by one. One of us needed a highly experienced product development specialist. Another sought recommendations for the best TPA services. Still another needed someone who knew Medicare and Medicaid regulations inside out.

One by one, a collection of colleagues who genuinely respect one another formed the Star affiliation. Several have worked together for many years and have an internal shorthand. This is particularly good for our clients because we provide trusted solutions…quickly.

As successful executives and entrepreneurs, several of us became immersed in health care by playing pivotal roles in Medicaid start-ups, Medicare Advantage and commercial health plans. We soon earned customer satisfaction ratings and quality of care evaluations that were rated the best in each market.

As we have evolved, we have worked both internally and externally with an array of dynamic professionals engaged in growing their companies in an ever-changing marketplace. Whether developing an innovation preventive medicine program, training customer service staff, implementing back office services, creating a new branding program, or providing seed capital, we work diligently to help clients reach their objectives.