Star Administrators.

We understand the need to provide

more value while reducing costs.

TPA Technology



Practical Solutions. In today’s march toward value-based care delivery, experience and technology matter most in the efficient design and management of TPA and back office services.


Star Technology Management brings both to the table. The Star team has built highly successful health plans and other health care services from the ground up. With comprehensive experience in Medicaid, Medicare, commercial, Marketplace, ACOs, specialty care plans and other lines of business, we provide individual solutions or a full suite of services.


Just as important, we employ technology that provides more value while reducing costs. The heartbeat of our services is a proprietary claims system unlike any other. For providers who opt in, they can forego claims filing and be paid at the time of service, enabling the program administrator to secure a deeper discount in exchange for immediate payment.


We are among the few service providers capable of meeting the client service, claims and reporting needs in one integrated system. Star services include:


Program Administration

• Claims processing

• Customer service

• Benefit design

• Employer/employee fulfillment

• Referral management

• Marketing and sales program

• Operational support

• Enrollment


• Billing

• Software solutions and custom development


Population Management

• Wellness programs

• Disease management

• Nurse coaching

• Health risk and population management

• Data warehouse, data analytics and reporting


Stop Loss

• Specific and aggregate coverage


Pharmacy Benefit Managers

• PBM retail, wholesale, mail order

• Integrated data reporting



Taking Control. A new paradigm is emerging in the healthcare marketplace.


Health systems, hospitals, clinically integrated networks (CINs) and accountable care organizations (ACOs) are increasingly contracting directly with employers in their primary markets to provide a complete array of health care services. It allows health care entities to drive growth strategies and revenues across the enterprise by leveraging their assets.


The direct-to-employer model is a disruptive innovation that enables employers with as little as 25 employees to become a self-funded entity. It significantly reduces the risks associated with an insurance product and government mandated levels of spending. Both providers and employers benefit with reduced healthcare costs and improved healthcare outcomes.


An essential requirement of this new paradigm is a proven strategic partner that can provide program administration, population management and other back office services. This is where Star Technology Management excels. Star can bundle any or all the back-office services required in a direct contract to provide a customized turnkey system that is efficient and cost-effective.